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    Добрий день. Цікавить оренда на один день авто на 7-8 місць на 17 квітня, з доставкою до під'їзду. Без водія. Які умови?
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    Брали машину Suzuki SX4 во Львове. Это был наш первый опыт аренды авто, но очень удачный. Остались довольны всем , и машиной , и сервисом самой фирмы. Машина новая, со всем необходимым, детское автокреслом укомплектована, был заправлен полный бак, все как описано на сайте компании. Очень порадовала возможность оплаты в иностранной валюте по курсу. Советуем всем обращаться в RentUaCar.
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    Добрый день! Хочу сказать СПАСИБО за хорошую работу и сервис компании! Брали машину на прокат для поездки в Карпаты, бесплатно предоставили навигатор и детское кресло! Хорошее отношение к клиентам, даже сделали скидочку) В следующий раз только к вам теперь! Спасибо за все!
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    Часто бываю в Киеве в длительных командировках. Без авто в столице, когда тебе везде надо успеть - никак нельзя. Беру автомобиль в RentUaCar. Спасибо, за доброжелательное отношение и обслуживание Вам, ребята!
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    Брал в аренду Toyota Rav4, все очень понравилось, девушка приняла заявку, через полтора часа менеджер уже привез машину к офису! Все быстро, профессионально, машина в отличном состоянии.


    Car rental in Ukraine: advantages of the service, target clients and rental prices

    The car rental service in Ukraine over the past 5 years has gained popularity not only among wealthy people and event organizers. Ordinary Ukrainians, travelers, business travelers and foreigners rent a car with great pleasure. The rented car allows each person to comfortably drive around the city, quickly solve business issues or create an unforgettable holiday for a loved one. This is a particularly good solution when you need a car for a short period of time.

    Another advantage is that now renting a car is easy, even with a limited budget of $25-30. The companies with a fleet of 30-50 cars always have in stock not only elite-class models, but also cost effective small cars. Such options are ideal for long travels around the city, Oblast and mini-travels, because they consume 20-30% less fuel.

    Why car rental booking is in demand

    There 4 million-population cities (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Dnipro) in Ukraine with many attractions, large enterprises, companies and tourist attractions. There are also many cities in the country with a population of 500-700 thousand people. Due to this scale it is difficult to drive around them without a car, especially when you need to quickly get to the meeting point, leave the house early in the morning or late at night.

    It is for that reason that the car rental booking in Ukraine is so in demand. Not every person is ready to move between remote districts by congested public transport and can spend an hour and hour and a half on the road with stops.

    The taxi reservation helps in some situations, although this service is also imperfect. You will have to wait 15-30 minutes for free transport, pay for each km of travel, waiting, etc. If you need to visit 5-6 places in a day, be in time for a business meeting or discuss a serious project, you will have to pay an average of $50-60. If the taxi driver stays with the client all day and waits for him for 30-40 minutes, the final bill will rise to $100-150.

    Car rental is at least 2-3 times cheaper. And that's why:

    • The rent cost per day for economy class options starts at $25;
    • The client receives the car at personal disposal for 24 hours;
    • There are no restrictions on movement;
    • The rental car always has a full tank;
    • Together with car rental you can always order the services of driver (when you don't know the city well or want to work with documents right in the passenger compartment);
    • GPS navigator is often included - you don't have to use Google Maps on your phone or study a paper map;
    • You can choose a model based on personal preferences, social status or event (Lexus or Mercedes sedans, Toyota or Honda SUVs are suitable for business meetings).

    Purposes for car rental

    The rental car in Ukraine is relevant for different categories of clients. This service is used both for single occasions and for long-term use. Even taking into account the frantic rhythm of life, not everyone wants to spend money on buying personal transport or drive it out of another city.

    • Organization of weddings and other events;
    • Business meetings and solution of business issues;
    • Rest, shopping and entertainment;
    • Travel and tourism;
    • Corporate work;
    • Buying a new car;
    • Long-term repair.

    Car rental booking is the best solution when you want to make a positive impression on your guests, establish trust with business partners or travel with a company of friends of 5-7 people. First, it is more respectable than using the public transport and establishes the desired atmosphere for the event. Second, rent is more convenient than any taxi or bus. Third, the Car rental companies keep the fleet in good condition and often offer a number of options.

    For an additional fee, the interior and body can be decorated, the car can be additionally equipped with necessary gadgets, sports equipment or even roof racks. There is no need to buy a personal car, tents and Wi-Fi routers if you want to leave the city with your family for 2-3 days. It is more reasonable to pay for car rental, enjoying the camping with everything you need.

    Car rental in Ukraine: why it is worth working with RentUAcar

    1. The company’s offices are located in the largest cities of the country;
    2. You can drive 350 km per day without additional payment;
    3. We have one of the most affordable car rental prices in Ukraine;
    4. We do not require additional certificates or extracts when concluding the contract;
    5. The company has a car rental website where you can book the option you like in 5 minutes;
    6. There are cars of 5 classes in the fleet: economy, medium, business, SUVs and minivans;
    7. The transport is regularly serviced, checked after each client and cleaned;
    8. All RentUAcar cars are presented in the up-to-date body version;
    9. You can rent a car of Kia, Škoda, Volkswagen, Mazda, Lexus, Mercedes, Toyota and other concerns;
    10. Models are equipped with automatic transmission, seasonal tyres and are 100% serviceable;
    11. The deposit amount for transport starts at $400 (it is fully returned to the driver after the car is handed over to the manager in the original condition).

    Conditions for renting a car from RentUAcar

    RentUAcar has loyal requirements for renting a car in Ukraine. The contract can be drawn up both by residents of the country and foreigners. The main thing is to provide the necessary documents and meet some mandatory criteria.

    1. To be of legal age;
    2. To have a minimum of 2 years of driving experience;
    3. To provide a valid driving license;
    4. To provide passport of a citizen of Ukraine and TIN or international passport;
    5. To leave a deposit for the selected vehicle;
    6. To return the car with full fuel tank (cars are rented fueled);
    7. Do not disrupt the rent terms.