Rent a car for a day in RentUacar: it is fast, cheap and convenient

Now rental a car for a day is in high demand both for celebrations and for other important occasions. In large and busy cities, it is difficult to do without a car, especially for those who are used to comfort or move a lot. Not all motorists can transport vehicles from another country or region to quickly solve every day and business tasks. In such case you can rent a car for a day, because it is no different from driving your own car. Moreover, the cost of the service varies and there are different classes of vehicles to choose from.

RentUacar – cheap car rental for a day

Rent a car dailyCar rental for a day - RentUacar company provides customers with the service of a short-term rent in Ukraine and provides a high level of service. Drivers can place an order for the chosen model in 3 minutes on the official website or contact one of the offices of the company. RentUacar offices are located in Kyiv, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipro and Zaporizhzhia. In this case, motorists will be able to rent a car for a day starting from $35 per day, as well as by agreement to pick it up near the airport, train or bus station. 

 In addition, the service of return of transport in Ukraine is available to customers. This is especially convenient for travelers, tourists or those who came to the country for work. A person may, for example, arrange a car rental for a day in the capital, cope with corporate duties and go on personal business to Kharkiv or Lviv. If a person has a limited time of stay in the country and there is no possibility to drive a car to the office of RentUacar, it will always be done by an employee of the company. 

The driver will only have to pay in advance for the service or pay extra for it to the Manager. Thanks to it you do not have to travel by train, bus or minibus. Moreover, the high status of some people does not allow them to use public transport or sacrifice comfort. Car rental for 24 hours will cost a little more expensive, especially if we are talking about economy class models. But at the same time, this service will allow you to avoid the slightest discomfort and dispose of personal time as you like. There will be no need to focus on the schedule, worry about delays at stops, noisy fellow travelers, etc.

What cars can be rented for a day in RentUacar

Our company provides 8 categories of transport, designed for different occasions and needs of motorists. Here you can choose an option for a short weekend rest or a romantic date, and arrange a car rental for a day for a wedding, presentation or business meeting. And since the company guarantees a high level of service and carefully monitors the condition of the fleet, the exteriors and interiors of the models look perfect.

Car rental for a day in RentUacar:

  • economy class - suitable for those who do not have an impressive budget for rent or those who travel several hundreds of kilometers a day. They are distinguished by economical fuel consumption, compact dimensions and comfortable interior;
  • middle class – they combine the advantages of subcompact models and stylish appearance of executive class transport. Such a car for a day fits perfectly into the life of office employees who come on a business trip and want to be effective and look respectfully; Car rental per day
  • Car rental for a day 
  • business class - cars of this category are designed for those who do not tolerate compromises and want to make a good impression. The body design of a business car is performed with great attention to details and it highlights the high status of the driver, which fits perfectly into the lifestyle of wealthy people;
  • SUVs – rental of such a car for the day is perfect for relaxing in the countryside or moving around the area. SUVs and crossovers easily overcome off-road, provide convenient and fast drive, and create a fleur of self-confidence around the driver;
  • minivans - this roomy transport allows you to organize transfers, short trips or important events. Their cabin can easily contain 5-8 people and luggage, and the seats and interior provide increased comfort. Often minivans are often rented for long distance trips;
  • electric cars - the choice of those who care about the environment and often move inside the city. So, the driver does not spend money on fuel, can drive 200-250 km on a full charge and enjoy the freedom of action;
  • retro cars – rental of a car for a day from this category is in great demand when organizing theme parties, photo shoots, birthdays, etc. It is expensive and impractical to keep such a model in the personal fleet, but the rent will create unforgettable memories and an amazing holiday for loved ones or friends;
  • cars for the wedding - here are the most stylish, interesting and beautiful vehicles that can add up to the festive atmosphere. Previously, rental of such cars for a day enjoyed the greatest demand, because the newlyweds wanted to do everything perfectly. However, now the demand for other models is increasing.

If you need to rent a car for a day and you do not want to overpay, contact RentUacar for assistance. We can arrange the service at a price of $35 per day with or without a deposit. On the website and from the fleet of the company you can choose from the options of the current body models, which are kept in perfect condition. After each customer transport is checked for serviceability, it is also cleaned and tested by mechanics.