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Car rental in Dnipro: low prices and wide range of cars

Gradually, the European and American approach to cars is taking root in our country. Today the car rental in Dnipro as a service is as much popular as ordering a comfortable taxi. The city and its residents contribute to this: here the business life of the eastern region of Ukraine is concentrated, there are many industries, small and medium-sized businesses. Also, a large highway to the Sea of Azov passes through Dnipro, and you can reach “student” Kharkiv in a few hours. The progressive youth and wealthy people prefer to move with cars rather than by public transport or taxi. Although such cars are in demand, the low-cost rental still fits perfectly in the city.
There are no doubts that personal car saves time and nerves. Herewith, renting a car is cheaper than owning personal car. Sometimes it is easier to rent a car than to carry it many thousand kilometers away.
At the same time, private companies that are engaged in passenger transportation often overcharge their services. You can save only if you travel short distances, which is not always convenient in a metropolis. The carriers also don't care much about the comfort of their cars, take double rates at night or travels outside the city. With a rented car, you don't have to worry about spending too much.
Our company offers favorable terms and conditions of cooperation and has a large fleet in Dnipro. Unlike other companies, we don't rent cars without deposit, which guarantees a serviceable fleet and careful handling of RentUAcar property by drivers.
Another advantage of rented car is the opportunity to plan a trip with several stops as you like. When moving from one end of the city to another by minibus or bus, you have to change. You'll forget about this problem with personal car. This is particularly important for travel in large groups (travellers, specialists, businessmen) or with a limited budget. A-Class car rental will cost at $20 per day. The minivan can be rented at $45, which is very economy.

Features of car rental in Dnipro

The rented car will give you a lot of enjoyment of driving. You don't need to sacrifice your own comfort and you can decently reduce the travel time. RentUAcar owns only fully serviceable cars. Our own technical service checks each model before and after its rental. The special attention is paid to units responsible for safety, as well as to the interior (it is always kept clean).
In addition, each car is equipped with season-appropriate tires. We use brand models of tires, install “stickers” in winter and monitor the tread quality. As soon as he erases, our employees replace the tire. You can rent a car without driver at low cost and not worry about the safety of daily trips.
Car rental in our company is possible only with automatic transmission for additional comfort during movement. All transmissions are also thoroughly tested and checked several times a season. This guarantees movement without jerks, shocks and other problems.

Advantages of car rental in Dnipro:

  • Budget savings in case of long-term car rental. If you want to rent a car for a long period of time (from 30 days), we will provide significant discounts. So you'll spend a significantly smaller part of your budget. Please draw up an application online or contact our managers in any possible way to discuss the terms and conditions. Our specialists will select a car for you according to your requirements and nature of driving.
  • Executive car at a reduced price. In our company you can rent an executive car without spending too much. Such cars are in demand for business meetings, important events, celebrations, weddings, etc. These cars look attractive, stand out against the rest and are perfectly controlled. We can also bring the car to Dnipro International Airport so that the businessman feels comfortable.
  • No additional contributions. RentUAcar gives almost complete freedom to drivers. For a certain amount per day you get a modern car on which you can drive up to 350 kilometers per day without additional payment. You pay only for rent and buy the necessary amount of fuel yourself. In case of a car breakdown with a deposit, the amount for repair is calculated individually, but such cases are very rare.

What can RentUAcar offer to its clients?

If necessary, we will bring the car to the railway station. You can rent a car for a few days or months or per day. Various additional services are also available to drivers. For example, installation of child safety seats, special holders for sports equipment, etc.
To specify all the necessary information, please contact our managers. In the office you can rent a car with driver, draw up a multi-application for the rent of several cars for testing and to discuss individual terms and conditions of cooperation.
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