1. What documents do I need to rent a car?

Rent a car - common in most countries service, convenient for foreigners, as well as for residents of the country in which an hire agreement is signed. With the RentUacar company you have the ability to quickly and easily rent a car in Kiev.

To take our company car, you need to have on hand the following documents:

  • for a resident of the country - a valid passport and an identification code; 
  • for a foreigner - passport;
  • valid driver's license of the international sample (recall that the new driving license format requires registration of the document in the form of cards). 

When making an agreement on daily rent of the vehicle at the office of the company are also made photos of the tenant and copies of available documents. In addition, if you are interested in car rental in Kiev through RentUacar company, to ensure the successful payment you will also need to have cash, credit or debit card of VISA or MasterCard payment systems. You can pay for the car rental by bank transfer if you wish.

Still have questions? Any information you can learn from RentUacar managers. Please contact us in any convenient way. It offers telephone and email (more - in the section "Contacts"). You can also fill out the online feedback form, then we ourselves will call you back within a day from 10 to 19 hours.

2. What is the minimum age of the driver to rent a car in Kiev and abroad?

RentUacar company provides cars for hire as for people of Ukraine and foreigners. Our terms and conditions of execution of the car rental agreement compares favorably to the proposals of the majority of competitors. We are ready to provide a car driver who has attained the age of 20, while in other companies the minimum age for renter is 23 years old.

What else you need for your application of registration of the vehicle hire in RentUacar company was made a positive decision? The client must have the experience of driving over two years (when ordering online to confirm the driving experience is enough to indicate the driver's license data, issued by the international pattern, i.e. in the form of cards).

INTERESTED of rental car in Kiev? To make our company a citizen of Ukraine is enough to show your passport. In case when renting a car is ordered on the territory of Ukraine through the online service of RentUacar, data on the age of the potential client provided as part of the presentation of information about the passport.

Details about conditions of execution of the car rental you have the opportunity to learn from managers of RentUacar. To conctact us use specified number and email address in the "Contacts" section or at the home page of the site. You are uncomfortable calling or writing? Fill in the Callback form and staff of RentUacar themselves called back (proring customers carried out during the day in time between 10 and 19 hours).

3. Car Hire: What deposit do you need to leave and its size?

If you are interested about rent a car, be prepared for the fact that in addition to the rent price of the order you will need to provide for temporary use to the rental company a certain amount of deposit money. One of the largest Ukrainian car rental services RentUacar offers profitable conditions for customers in terms of the formation of the deposit.

We are sensitive to our reputation, believing that the best advertisement is positive feedback from tenants have already benefited RentUacar services. Refer to us people make the right choices, thus protecting themselves from contact with unscrupulous rental companies and explicit scams, able to bank card fraud, drawing up of contracts with hidden fees, provide faulty machines and so on.

Renting a car through an online service RentUacar - you can not doubt fot the reliability of the selected rental company as a whole, as well as transparency of conditions for the formation of deposit in particular.

Rent a car that is executed through RentUacar company, can be ensured by deposit provided in various ways. For your convenience, we offer three options:

  • cash;
  • bank card (debit or credit) VISA and MasterCard payment systems;
  • cashless payments.

Note that the car rental company in Kiev RentUacar assumes clearance of the deposit, which amount depends from the class of the car rental. Typically, as a deposit on the credit card is blocked from 500 to 1200 Euros, but if you want to get more detailed information, please refer to RentUacar managers by phone or email (details - in the section "Contacts").

Unlocking the deposit funds is made at the day when you return rented car to RentUacar company. Of course, this order is observed only in those cases when the car is rented with a full fuel tank and rental employees confirmed that the machine is not get damaged during rental period. Otherwise, the deposit funds are used for compensation.

If the deposit was paid by credit card, the money will be returned within 30 calendar days. In case when the deposit is paid by cash, its payment should be made on the spot after the end of the lease and signing check-in report of the car.

4. When and how to book car rental?

You are traveling on business or for the rest, appreciate mobility and need of complete freedom of movement in another city or country? For you the ideal solution may be a rental car.

Safe and reliable online service of car rental in Kiev will help you. It is provided by one of the largest rental rentUacar company in the country . Take advantage of our services and make sure that the rental car is a snap.

In order to get as much as possible variants of available cars for rent on the dates you need, we recommend to apply the request for the car right away, as soon as you have determined calendar dates of the trip. Another plus of early booking - guarantee of lowest prices.

However, we are ready to make effort to pick up vehicle for your at low rates, even in the event if you make an order in rentUacar just a few hours before the start of the rental. After all RentUacar online prices are always lower than from our competitors during the signing of the rental agreement on the spot without prior reservation.

Booking car hired through rentUacar service provides additional benefits. Here are just some of them:

Ordering via the Internet saves you time, because you have the opportunity at the same time to choose between several free cars. Our resource provides complete information about suitable machines and their rental prices.

You have the option to book your car class and colors that suit your tastes via the site, while when renting a car on the spot the choice is narrowed considerably.

For regular customers of the rentUacar company are available individual discounts.

We offer only modern cars are insured with minimal mileage.

Are you interested about car rental in Kiev? We offer the lowest prices on car rentals. Singing agreement for daily car rental is possible as well as for long-term rental of the vehicle.

5. Will I get the same car that is ordered online on the site of car rental?

Are you interested in renting a car in the RentUacar company, but you are afraid of unexpected costs in case of replacement car? Do not worry! We respect the choice of our customers and make every effort in order to deliver exactly the car you have been waiting for at your chosen time and specified place.

However, there are circumstances from the category of force majeure, when the reserved vehicle has an accident, breaks down or gets impound and so on. In such cases, of course, the company is difficult to give the next customer exactly the car, which is applied for rent. Then, for your convenience, the car will be quickly replacing on the vehicle of the same class.

If an equivalent vehicle in the fleet of the RentUacar company in freely access is not present at the time of commencement of the lease, then we provide a car of higher class. The additional money from the client is not charged. Thus, car rental in Kiev will not be more expensive for you, because, for example, even after receiving the executive class of the car instead of the previously ordered an ordinary sedan, you'll pay as for car for the average consumer. This approach of RentUacar company to build relationships with customers gives you a guarantee that the car rental will not bring such unpleasant surprises as unplanned financial expenses in the last minute.

6. Can I go outside Ukraine using rented car?

You need a rental car in Kiev, but you planed to travel outside the country? RentUacar company is ready to provide you this service if we are familiar, that is, you are our regular customer. If you are contacting us for the first time, when receiving the vehicle please, verify information about existing restrictions from your manager on location.

Note that the rental car in many of Kyiv rental companies prohibit leaving the vehicle abroad in principle. Moreover, many of our competitors in the contract do not have permission to even leave the rented car outside the area. We treat our customers - business partners loyally. In RentUacar company is always ready to meet you, forming a lease agreement of the car so that it is possible to satisfy your needs and requirements.

For more information about the procedure of car rental for travel outside of Ukraine you can contact with our managers in convenient way (by phone, by e-mail, request a call back and so on.). In addition, managers will be able to consult you on matters relating to the rental terms and conditions and vehicle return, procedures in the event when traffic accident or vehicle damage has been occurred, the amount of deposit and the formation of the cost of rent cars per day, as well as other topics.

7. Can I rent additional equipment for added convenience?

No matter for what purpose you are renting a car, whether it be a business trip or traveling within the holiday, you may need additional equipment. RentUacar company offers a wide range of such equipment and services that increase comfort and safety when using a rental car.

You have applied a car hire in Kiev through the site or RentUacar offices? We are ready to provide you with the following additional options and equipment:

  • GPS-navigator;
  • snow chains;
  • a child seat;
  • ski rack;
  • prepaid fuel tank option;
  • additional insurance with zero excess, and more. 

All of the above is available to order when you make a car reservation. Reminded of the necessary additional equipment at the last moment? No problem! We will extend your order on location before you transfer the leased vehicle.

RentUacar company guarantees the best price on the additional equipment rental. The flexible system of individual discounts, which allows our customers to save some money without quality compromising.

8. Does the fuel included in the price of rent a car?

Rent a car in Kiev through RentUacar company involves formalizing of the standard contract in respect of the tank filling of a car. Working with our company, you will get a vehicle with a full tank of fuel. Accordingly, returning the car you must also filled tank up to the top. Fuel spent by rental car during the rental period, is paid at your expense.

We tried to make the conditions of car rental to our customers the most comfortable, which is why if you want you can make a purchase of required amount of fuel at a bargain price in the RentUacar office.

Another convenient option from our rental company becomes inclusion of the cost of fuel in the car rental contract. This service is often used by tenants taking the car for a business trip, seeking to reduce the number of accounting documents for accounting of the enterprise, organization or company.

What to do if you returned the car to the car rental company, but did not have time to refill it before that? Do not worry. If the tenant gives us a vehicle with incomplete fuel tank, pay for the missing fuel is made at the signing of the Check-in report at current rates of the price-list for additional services.

9. Is it possible to order the delivery of rented car to the hotel?

Concluded agreement in a RentUacar company of car rental in Kiev may include such an item as a delivery vehicle to the inn, hostel or the hotel. Immediately specify that delivery of the car to private homes is not carried out.

To order the delivery of the machine you need to make reservations for three days before the commencement of the lease. This time will need to RentUacar managers to confirm the capabilities of the car to deliver it to the specified location and registration of all necessary documents.

We offer probably the most profitable rates in Kiev for such additional service as a vehicle delivery to the hotel or inn. The item about the car delivery to the specified place is included in the standard contract of cars hire. We remind you that in the agreement also spells out terms of the lease of the vehicle, providing situations that may occur on the road (for example, a traffic accident, theft, breakage of the car and so on.). The agreement also clarifies the procedure for tank filling, fixed deposit amount, and more.

Contacting to RentUacar company, you can be sure that we will issue a clear contract with no hidden commissions and other "gotchas", hitting hurt your wallet. Every customer is special to us, so you can always count on an individual approach and a discount.

To order the car delivery to the inn or hotel, please, contact the managers of the company RentUacar the telephone number listed on the home page of our website or by e-mail (see details in the section "Contacts"). For your convenience, also operates a feedback form. By filling it, you can expect a call from RentUacar managers in the coming days (time proring customers: from 10 to 19 hours).

10. How to pick up or return the car out of hours?

Employees of RentUacar strive to ensure that arranged car rental did not bring you any inconvenience in Kiev. That is why our company provides around the clock services of provision and return of rental car out of ours.

If you wish to take or return the car in RentUacar, but your schedule does not allow to do it during working hours, or do not give an opportunity to visit our office, our RentUacar company managers are always ready to help.

Get more information and to clarify the possibility of car provision and return in specific situations, you can contact us at the site on the home page phones or by e-mail (the address specified in the section "Contacts"). In addition, ask questions concerning the pick up and return of the rental car out of hours, you can filling in the feedback form and wait for the call of our managers.

Another way - to specify directly on the the location available options for the provision and return the car out of hours. For example, some of the locations are equipped with special boxes for the keys to the rented vehicles. In other cases, we can provide a driver who will provide or pick up the car at your place.

11. What kind of insurance is valid when renting a car?

Concluded agreement of car hire in Kiev in RentUacar suggests a standard vehicle insurance. This type of insurance provides the financial responsibility of the tenant in amount of franchise in such cases (traffic accident, theft, etc.). Just note that for an extra fee according to your wishes zero excess can be applied.

Standard insurance at the conclusion of lease agreement of a car - a very important thing, which saves you from financial loss in case of emergency. For our clients, we recommend that you study the insurance conditions before signing the contract for vehicle hire. We carefully prescribe force majeure, likely on the road, so read all the items of standard insurance, you will know how to properly behave in the event of a traffic accident, car theft or breakage.

A few additional tips:

  • Being on location and getting a car, do not regret the time and inspect the car for dents, scratches, and the completeness of its equipment (is there any caps on the wheels, etc.). This approach will save you from unfounded claims when returning the vehicle.
  • In the event of an accident fix the position of the machine and its status, taking on a camera or mobile phone. Also contact RentUacar location and inform about the incident. Clearly follow their instructions.
  • Leaving the rental car, do not leave in it the rental documents, so you do not lose them in case of theft.
  • When returning the vehicle to the location, get your signature on a copy of the Check-in report, confirming the condition of the vehicle. 

We wish you a troubleproof riding and waiting for your orders!

12. Is there a loyalty program in your company?

Most people before contacting us seek to know about the loyalty program, because everyone wants to get the best conditions on the long-term cooperation. Rent a car in rentUacar company implies the gradual accumulation of bonuses, which you can use as they are received. For further details you need only call or write e-mail, after which all the issues will be explained in detail.

Features of cooperation

The low cost and the ability to pick up the cars of almost any desired class provides many advantages, among which the most notable are:

  • discounts;
  • free equipment certain elements;
  • absence of necessity to fill in the documents more than once;
  • individual approach on other issues. 

We are expanding this list periodically to make every customer feel as comfortable as possible in the process of cooperation. At the same time to join the current program is very simple, because it would require only periodically to cooperate with us, and all the rest will be done by trained managers.

Each time, car rental in Kiev has become more profitable, and benefits are expressed not only in financial terms but also in some bonuses.

13. What is included in the car rental price?

Mileage per day should be 350km, auto civil liability insurance, comprehensive insurance and road assistance 24/7. If the mileage exceeded an additional payment will be taken at a rate of 0.15$ (or equivalent amount in other currency) per 1km.

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