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Car rental in Kharkiv: quickly, cheap and reliable

Kharkiv is the second major city after Kyiv in Ukraine. At the beginning of the 20th century it was even the capital of the country for some time that is not surprising. There are a lot of prestigious universities, important industries and factories, cultural sights and entertainment centers. Thousands of students from different parts of Ukraine, businessmen, programmers, scientists and others come here. They all need to move quickly and conveniently.
Some locals and visitors use the developed public transport, others are more interested in renting a car in Kharkiv on favorable terms and conditions. The own car even for a couple of days gives more sense of freedom, allows you not to bounce and jounce in the subway or minibuses, and also gives an opportunity not to wander in the unfamiliar area. As the city is large and the distance between stops is considerable, it is faster and easier to move by car.

How to rent a car in Kharkiv at RentUAcar

The center of Kharkiv and some of its districts are notable for their location on mountainous terrain. When walking, you have to go up or down constantly, which takes a lot of energy. But if you rent the car at our company, there will be no such problems. First, problems with movement on slides are transferred to rental cars. Second, you can easily drive even SUVs or executive car on the wide city streets. Third, car rental per day even taking into account the filling a full tank will cost less than in most companies.
RentUAcar also offers loyal terms and conditions for rental. The car rental doesn't take a lot of time both when filling out an application on the website, and directly in the office. It is enough to perform 4 simple steps:
  1. Choose the right car class and model from the catalog;
  2. Book the car in Kharkiv yourself via the resource or contact the manager in any convenient way (phone, “Call Back” form, in the messenger, etc.);
  3. Come to the office with necessary documents to draw up the car rental contract (passport, tax identification number and valid driving license);
  4. Signing of papers and payment of deposit (rates with amount are specified on the website in the “Rates” section).
After that, the drivers can go on the rented car immediately on their business and experience no movement problems. We do not require the clients more than it's necessary and ask them only to carefully handle RentUAcar property. In return, they get a car in perfect condition, can rent a model at $25 per day and get full information support of managers.
Please note: We don't rent cars without deposit. The driver should also be an adult and have at least 1-2 years of driving experience. If your driving license is expired or you don't have necessary driving experience, you can rent a car with driver. The services of our driver will be inexpensive, and the client will not have to overpay for a taxi or Uber. The driver will stay with you any amount of time, if necessary he will take you to the railway station or will take from anywhere in Kharkiv.

Advantages of car rental and additional services

  • Relevant for all life cases - car rental is suitable for both celebration and long-term use. The service is designed for different categories of clients from students who came to the city for a session or vacation, to specialists who are on business trip for several months. If you planned shopping, unforgettable event, romantic date or sight tour, we offer rental of all kinds of cars;
  • Modern and reliable cars - our company offers drivers a wide range of cars in 100% good condition. When car is returned, the managers and car mechanics thoroughly check the appearance and main systems. The employees also change oil, consumables and diagnose the operation of the main units (engine, chassis, safety system, etc.) according to the schedule. The fleet in Kharkiv contains models of popular automakers, which regularly undergo the maintenance and are repaired. You can choose from Ford, Škoda, Kia, Mercedes, Lexus, Toyota and others, both without driver at low cost and with possibility of hiring a driver;
  • Affordable prices - we do not pursue the high cost of rental, so you can rent an economy class car at RentUAcar at $25 per day. The rental price for other categories is slightly higher: at $28 for the middle class, at $46 for executive cars and minivans, at $50 for SUVs. As we rent cars only with deposit, the clients handle car more carefully and we do not need to raise the cost of services;
  • Excellent service - our managers work without breaks seven days a week, so they can advise you on any day of the week. The driver can contact them in one of the proposed ways, clarify any details or specify additional services. For additional payment, we can equip the car with skis, bicycles, boxes, car seats or gadgets. In addition to services of driver, car washing, contract renewal out of office and returning the car in the city or outside it are available to drivers. For example, the clients can leave the car near Kharkiv International Airport or arrange a transfer for a whole group of travellers from there;
  • Bonuses and discounts - we offer a flexible system of cumulative bonuses and discounts to regular clients. More importantly, the long-term car rental per day at our company on average costs $10-15 cheaper. Depending on the car class and rental term, you can save a decent amount.
You can rent a car at any time. Please contact the manager by phone or provide a contact number on the website so that the employee calls you back at a convenient time.
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