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Executive car rental in Kharkiv: solution for uncompromising people

The executive car rental in Kharkiv is mostly of interest to wealthy people and people with special requirements to the cars. Such drivers seek a high level of comfort, safety, power, and also want to emphasize their own social status. They are not ready to accept even the slightest defects in the car appearance or design, herewith, the technical condition of the car is of equal importance. If the model reliability or gravitas is in doubt, the driver will not drive it.
RentUAcar is the best of its kind company offering VIP cars in perfect condition for wealthy clients. We work in many major cities of Ukraine, maintain large fleet and provide full information support to drivers. On the website you can rent a car per day or for several months, equip it with gadgets or agree upon additional services with the manager. For example, to arrange a car return anywhere in Kharkiv, order a car wash, equip it with tourist equipment or install child safety seat.

Why rent luxury cars at RentUAcar

Our company closely monitors the quality of service, technical condition and appearance of the cars. But we keep the balance trying not to increase the cost of luxury car rental. That is why the long-term rental of executive class car in Kharkiv will cost only at $46 per day.
A special system of cooperation helps us to keep prices at the level acceptable even for wealthy drivers. Instead of dozen contracts, strict criteria for selecting clients or practice with a lot of certificates, RentUAcar rents cars only with deposit. Its amount varies depending on the model and is $700-1700. At the same time, the money of drivers is stored in the office of the company for duration of contract and is returned in full after the car return.
We don't rent cars without deposit. This rule applies even to regular clients, because deposit is a guarantee of careful handling of cars. In case of violation of the specified conditions, the amount of damage and other possible costs are deducted from it.
Sometimes clients forget to refuel the tank before returning the car, so they offer to deduct the amount for the used fuel from deposit. We rent VIP cars or models of other classes only with a full tank. They are returned, respectively, also fueled. If driver didn't have time to fuel the car, he can purchase the missing volume of gasoline directly in the office at average market prices. Some drivers pay extra for spent fuel separately, and some ask to deduct money from deposit.
However, these are not the only advantages of working with us:
  • good technical conditions of cars and regular maintenance
  • loyal attitude towards both foreign and Ukrainian drivers;
  • it is possible to draw up multi-applications for car rental and change the car in Kharkiv every 24 hours;
  • minimum number of documents are required to conclude the contract (only valid driving license, passport and tax identification number, and for foreigners - driving license and international passport);
  • possibility to renew the contract for luxury car rental at any moment and even out of office (should be agreed in advance with the manager)
  • employees are always in contact via Viber/WhatsApp or by phone (“Call Back” form is available twenty-four-hour);
  • clients can rent car with driver both for a few hours a day and for the whole period of car rental.
RentUAcar doesn't impose impossible terms and conditions for the executive car rental, although we have some requirements for drivers. You should be an adult and have at least 2 years of driving experience. The driving silence should be valid in a state-approved or internationally-approved format.

Luxury car rental: car options

If you want to drive around Kharkiv in the perfect executive car without discomfort, please contact our employees. They will help you to draw up an application online, advice on features of a particular model and book the right car option for you.
The cars of the up-to-date body design of world leading automakers are presented in RentUAcar fleet in Kharkiv for short-term and long-term car rental. They look respectable when you coming to business meeting with business partners, important presentation or corporate event. In addition, renting expensive cars is suitable for simpler tasks. For example, visiting the sights of the city, family tours, rest with children, shopping, etc.
Often luxury cars are rented without driver at low cost for conceptual photo shoots or wedding ceremony. As most of the cars are available in universal colors (white, silver, graphite metallic and other), they fit perfectly into the romantic atmosphere of the holiday.
Options of executive cars at RentUAcar:
  • Hyundai Sonata;
  • Honda Accord;
  • Toyota Camry E50;
  • Mercedes E-class;
  • Lexus ES.
The cost of renting the car starts at $46 per day excluding deposit. The rental price in Kharkiv may vary depending on the rental term and model. We have a system of cumulative discounts and bonuses, so the longer the car is rented, the cheaper the daily car rental.
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