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SUV rental in Kharkiv at RentUAcar: no delays, cheap and reliable

SUV rental in Kharkiv will be suitable for those who are used to driving the large cars or who appreciate the differences between SUV and passenger cars. It is much more convenient to drive around the metropolis or country roads of the region on such cars. They also look stylish in the stream of other cars, emphasizing the power, status and taste of the driver.
RentUAcar rents SUVs at $50 per day with full set. All models in the fleet have modern body design, are equipped with season-appropriate tires, automatic transmission and necessary gadgets. The roomy interior seats 4-5 people, can additionally be equipped with child safety seat, roof trunk or box, as well as auxiliary devices (routers or players).
The drivers will feel comfortable regardless of the purpose or duration of visit to Kharkiv. SUV rental on our website or in the office gives a sense of freedom and comfort. At the same time you don't have to overpay for taxi services with cars of increased comfort or to look for a private driver for fabulous money during the trip. SUV rental at RentUAcar will cost 30-40% cheaper, and all models in the fleet will please you with perfect appearance and technical condition.

SUV rental: how to choose a car and what situations are suitable for rental

Before filling out an application on the website or coming to the office in Kharkiv to sign the papers, you should decide on important SUV characteristics. You should highlight the most important characteristics of the car not to overpay and be 100% sure of the right choice. You will need more status option for business meetings and presentations, and SUV with large trunk and minimum fuel consumption for travel and long-distance trips.

What should be considered when choosing a car in Kharkiv:

  • Design and interior - drivers want to remain self-confident and attract attention even when they drive the rented SUV. That is why it is important that the car body is up-to-dated, has no obvious defects (deep scratches, rust, dents, etc.), and the interior is roomy and not worn out. So you will be pleased and not ashamed to drive such car alone or in the company of friends and family;
  • Technical condition - short-term and long-term car rental require a fully serviceable condition of all systems and mechanisms. The safety of driver and its passengers depends directly on this. Choose the companies monitoring the safety systems of the fleet, regularly undergoing maintenance and paying special attention to other units of transport (engine, chassis, electronics, etc.).
  • Fuel consumption - SUV rental is not originally designed for savings, as the all-wheel drive cars consume a lot of fuel. If you plan to drive SUV often, a lot and for a long time in Kharkiv, it is better to choose an option with a less fuel-guzzling engine. 1-2 liters seem insignificant in terms of 100 km, but it is quite a lot to drive a long distance;
  • Configuration - specify in advance availability of all gadgets or additional equipment. If you have a small child, find out about the possibility of installing a child safety seat. If you plan to work while driving or in the parking lot, please specify availability of Wi-Fi router and other gadgets. Please also consider the GPS-navigator in SUV configuration, which will help you to arrange a route better and navigate the city streets. It is still important to have climate control or air conditioning and heating system in the interior;
  • With or without driver - decide also on the most convenient option of car rental in Kharkiv. At RentUAcar you can rent a car without driver at low cost or use the services of driver. Our driver will accompany you to any event, take you to any part of the city, recommend a good restaurant, etc. Wealthy businessmen or those who don't know how to drive often rent a car with driver. This allows them to comfortably solve any everyday tasks, negotiate and work right in the car.

Advantages of SUV rental at our company and rental terms

Our company in Kharkiv has been operating in the Ukrainian market for a long time, offering a high level of service both to residents of the country and guests from other countries. The offices of the company are located in the largest Ukrainian cities, the fleet includes a large range of models, and the approach to work is at the level of Europe and America.
You can rent SUV with deposit on the official website or consult with the manager. The employees work seven days a week, advice clients by phone, via WhatsApp or Viber. It is easy to follow promotions and news through the RentUAcar portal and social networks.
As you cannot rent SUV without deposit, all cars are kept in perfect condition. The deposit is a guarantee of careful handling of the interior and car body. The money will be returned to you immediately upon expiration of the contract and checking the car condition after return. Due to this approach, the drivers can count on such a low amount of SUV rental in Kharkiv per day and have no doubt about the perfect car condition.
When drawing up the contract, the driver should be over 23 years of age, have 1-2 years of driving experience, provide valid driving license, passport and tax identification number (international passport). After filling out the papers the driver receives car keys, CASCO, authorization to drive, third-party car insurance and other.
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