Rent a car in Kiev

Without looking at the fact that passenger cars have flooded the streets of the Ukrainian capital, the demand for them, as before, is growing. There are people for whom the purchase of transport is a necessity: it is possible, they live far from work or have their own business, and in this situation it is important to keep the brand. But the majority of the car need only to strengthen the reputation as, taking into account all traffic jams, public transport, at times, to move much faster and safer. If the machine is required for a short time, and hiring a taxi seems unattractive or out of place, it is necessary to turn to the services of our company and to take rental cars in Kiev.

Who needs a rental car in Kiev?

Local residents for work and leisure

Even an ordinary woman's shopping today is difficult to carry out unaccompanied transport. If the lady is going to choose their new clothes, it is clearly not satisfied with a visit to a shopping center. To travel the city by taxi will have much to spend, and rent a car for a day in Kiev it will be much more economical. The same applies to people who have to travel a lot on business matters. Not all employers are willing to provide employees with company vehicles, even if it is a necessity. Rent a car in Kiev, you can quickly see all the necessary authority and perform the task on time.

For businessmen

Business meetings and corporate parties can not do without the watchful eyes of the authorities. However, staff and employee watching his protégé. The head of the company must always be immaculately dressed, shaved, and appearing at events should be at the business class machines. Any man, especially occupying a high position, know that transport, as well as costume, and the clock, and other accessories - is not just a decoration, clothing or means of transportation. Each detail emphasizes the image and authority of the chief. Rent a car you can in our company, the types of cars are listed below, the client has the opportunity to choose what he liked and familiar to operate.

Guests of the city

Those who come to Kiev on business plans and a lot of trips, it is disadvantageous to drive their own vehicles to the city. Rent a car gives you the opportunity to feel the full freedom of movement without the hassle. Leisure travelers will be inconvenient to bathe in smoky saloons taxi is much more profitable to get the machine durable, without haste to explore the sights of the city. Many models have navigators, the most advanced have an access point Wi-Fi, to make your travel safe - you do not get lost and always be able to find your hotel.

For newlyweds or anniversaries

Wedding train or transport guests to the event requires long preparations. Someone manages to hire a minibus, and some, in order to save, and use public transportation at all. Rent a car in Kiev will not let you fall face in the dirt: a wedding, birthday party and similar events occur in life is very rare, so do not skimp on them. Trying to reduce the supply of financial holiday leads to a sense of poverty and develop it is not only you.

What car to rent in Kiev, we offer?

For all customers is available a short-term and long-term car rental in Kiev. All provided cars  are divided into 5 main groups:

  • Economy Class: Kia Rio, Volkswagen Polo Sedan, Skoda Rapid, Ford Fiesta;
  • Midsize Class: Ford Focus, Renault Fluence, Toyota Corolla, Volkswagen Golf;
  • Business Class: Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata, Lexus ES, Mercedes E-class;
  • SUVs: Honda CR-V, Mitsubishi Outlander, Toyota RAV4, Kia Sportage;
  • Minivans: Volkswagen Multivan, Mercedes Vito, Mercedes V-class, Hyundai H1.

Each category is used for its own purposes. So, it is not necessary to use the rental car business class in Ukraine, if you simply need to take a ride around the city. on rent prices are rising from economy to minivans, which is quite logical - the last for up to two times more passengers and have enhanced security measures in motion. Of all the models should describe in detail Mercedes line, they are still the favorite for both business and are a benchmark of quality and comfort for other brands. Mercedes E-Class - a common transport, we can provide for you a car rental without a driver. The service gives the customer a large variety of modifications, it concerns the appearance and interior cabin environment.

It is suitable for those who manage the automatic transmission, drivers who are accustomed to the mechanics will appreciate the ease and simplicity of a gear change. Multi-system control of their own work, which has a positive effect on the quality of movement. 
Presentable appearance Mercedes will allow you to go to any secular or business event, and look at it a successful person.
Take car rental is quite inexpensive, but the fourth generation E model looks completely new and not let you down on the go.

The car rental in Kiev: the advantages of treatment

Our portal provides rent a car without a driver that gives you the opportunity to become full owner of the car for a certain period. We do not ask the customer about the purpose of rent - our task is to provide a reliable use in transport, the last full scan of the technical department. Great choice increases the number of our customers every day, but this does not affect the quality of services provided. The price for rental cars in Kiev depends on the chosen class, make and model of car, for those who are planning long-term lease, available discounts and loyalty program. Call us at any time, the online application is accepted constantly. You are guaranteed a full package of documents, technician can check the condition of the car before living the garage in your presence.

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