Rent a car business class in Kiev

You want to spend a "Premium" wedding? You need a car to travel to business meetings on a business trip? And we offer the exact observance of the treaty, always clean and serviceable car, comfortable rental. And at all this is a very attractive price.

Rent a car without a driver of business class

We know that many businessmen and tourists coming to the city prefer to rent a car instead of the other way to move around the city (taxi, car with driver). It is not only that it is much cheaper. This is a great opportunity to ride around the city alone or with family, look the sights or get to your destination, without depending on the driver.
Especially useful when it comes to car rental business class without a driver. After all, a comfortable interior, climate control and a status badge on the hood. At your service:
  • Toyota Camry;
  • Hyundai Sonata;
  • Lexus ES;
  • Mercedes E-Class.

Simply choose among them your own.

Rent Luxury Cars in Kiev

Gaining a reputation as difficult, so we care about what says clients about us. Is it necessary to submit the car to the airport or train station in Kiev? Match this with us in advance. Prepare and fill all the documents, you will only pick up the key and use the machine for your own purposes.
Planning output city tour with sightseeing of the city and surrounding area photoshoot. Rental cars will be most welcome. Great photos and positive emotions are guaranteed.

Rent VIP cars

VIP car - it is not only exceptional comfort. This design, which can not be confused with one another. It is not veiled envy in the eyes of passers-by. This special feeling from the sound of the engine under the hood. You are accustomed to such vehicles, or want to find out what is to be their driving? VIP cars Kiev offers.
  • select the appropriate option;
  • leave a request;
  • stipulate and agree on the details of the payment procedure to the manager;
  • take the car.
Rental of luxury cars for a party or a trip to a celebration - a great way to present itself in all its glory.

Rental of luxury cars

Wedding - a celebration for which skimp is not accepted. Cortege - the main indicator, noticeable for every resident of the city. Car rental for wedding - a great way to save money.
  • you take the car is not on the clock, for a day or a weekend, and it is convenient and profitable;
  • you can do without a driver, behind the wheel may be one of the family members - less costs;
  • the ability to choose your own route through the city and the duration of stops.
Book a car with a driver or without it, the choice is yours. We do not promise to submit the car to the minute, and just do it. Just compliance with its obligations under the contract.
When planning trips and celebrations importantly - the confidence that the company will not let you down. We know about it, so the basic principle of our work - exactly fulfill the promise. Contact us and check it out.
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