Rent of electric cars in Kiev

Electric car rental in Kyiv: safe, economical and affordable

In the era of green technologies, the auto groups produce stylish and modern electric cars, and drivers try to take more care of the environment. First, it helps to preserve the ecology and save natural resources. Second, it allows spending less on consumption of traditional fuel. That is why the service of electric car rental in Kyiv is becoming more popular, and drivers are increasingly seeking such a transport.
The trend for green cars resulted in the appearance of maximum number of charging stations where a person can charge a battery for free or at nominal fee. It is a perfect incentive not to harm the nature and at the same time to comfortably drive around the city. The electric car rental in Kyiv is especially useful for those who move a lot and often around the capital, perform an incredible amount of work tasks during the day, or come here on a mini-travel.

Where can you rent an electric car?

RentUacar is one of the few companies keeping up with the times and offering drivers modern electric cars. Our fleet has modern models of green transport, which regularly undergo the maintenance and are kept in perfect condition.
You can rent a car at the lowest possible price on the official website or in the office of RentUacar. The cost varies depending on the rent duration and deposit. If the driver leaves a deposit, it is possible to rent the electric car from $33 per day. It is an ideal solution for travelers or students with a modest budget for rent. Renting the models of economical and middle class will cost on average the same, but you will not have to pay for fuel.

Advantages of renting the electric car in Kyiv

  • No harmful emissions - the car is powered by several electric motors and no combustion products are emitted into the atmosphere. When driving the ordinary car, the engine burns a large amount of fuel and exhaust gases destroy the ozone layer;
  • Engine reliability and durability - the motors of electric cars run longer, especially if they undergo maintenance on time and the model is operated correctly. It is better to accelerate smoothly and then the battery will retain its maximum capacity longer;
  • Low noise - the electric motors do not make noise at all and work no louder than a vacuum cleaner. When driving such cars, the driver and passengers will be able to enjoy peace and quiet. If there are small children in the car, then nothing will interfere with their rest and sleep;
  • Convenient and comfortable interior - inside such cars are equipped in the same way as ordinary cars. The driver and his passengers will not feel uncomfortable due to too tight space or unusual internal space. The usual materials are used for finishing: plastic, wood, glass, textiles, leather, etc.
  • It can be charged from a conventional network - even if there aren’t so many electric charging stations in a certain district, it is easy to charge the battery from the electric main. The only detail is that you have to wait longer for the battery to accumulate energy. It is better to do it at night when electricity is cheaper.
You can rent the electric car on the official website of RentUacar twenty-four-hour. You can apply for green transport at a convenient time. The manager contacts the client after processing the order or in the time period indicated when booking the car. To work with our company you need to provide only the passport, identification code (for citizens of Ukraine) and a valid driving license.
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