Rent a car of the middle class in Kiev

Kiev is one of the most popular places in the country for travel and business trips. That is why for a comfortable pastime in the capital worth paying attention to comfortable and stylish machines that can simplify the movement in the big city.

The advantages of renting a car of the midsize class

Among the advantages of renting a car of the midsize class in our fleet, we can allocate a huge amount of positive characteristics:
  • wide choice of cars of world known companies, current among the proposed models are modern machines like the Ford Focus, Renault Fluence, Toyota Corolla, Volkswagen Golf, Skoda Octavia, Hyundai i30;
  •  the new absolutely serviceable cars offered for rent, ride of which will not be complicated;
  • full equipment for each car, including air conditioning, seasonal tires, audio, and other add-ons;
  • simple lease terms and low prices for rental cars;
  • convenient insurance for every car that protects against unexpected accidents and difficulties on the road;
  • consultation of experts on the stage of choosing a suitable vehicle and presenting all the characteristics of each model.

Rent Ford Focus

Rent Ford Focus provides a comfortable ride through the city on a specially created for this machine. Yes, this car belongs to the middle class, but it is highly valued worldwide. Improved transmission, economical consumption of gasoline, a comfortable lounge and a stylish body - it is not a complete list of advantages of the well-known model from the popular company that  has long established itself in the market.
Rent a Ford Focus gives you the opportunity to enjoy the journey in Kiev, using no public transportation, but presentable car.

Rent Renault Fluence

Renault has different unique French charm, which manifests itself in all its creations. Rent Renault Fluence - an appeal to one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced midsize class sedan. The car differs unique design with smooth refined lines, the amazing capacity of the passenger compartment and boot, the multifunctional "stuffing", which provides access almost one-touch. This car is perfect for traveling around Kiev with friends, and for business trips in the capital of Ukraine.

Rent a Toyota Corolla

On the Ukrainian car market rent Toyota Corolla - the service is as popular as the purchase of this vehicle. Attractive Japanese, easily accelerates to almost two hundred kilometers per hour, perfect for big city. At this affordable machine, everything looks much more expensive and more attractive: a futuristic body design, interior decoration in the premium level and the system "smart key" and does simplifies the use of all functions, including one-touch.

Rental Golf

Rent Volkswagen Golf is available in various models of the car. Absolutely all of them distinguished by quality and attractive features drive and improved equipment is characterized by improved visual design parameters and interior. This German car with a unique climate control, flawless driving, a spacious interior and enhanced security can be called the perfect choice for any purpose of the trip, so it remains a favorite vacation rentals.

How to Rent a Car

Rent a car in Kiev carried out in a few simple steps:

  1. First you need to select the vehicle from the current directory, and book it.
  2. Contact the representatives of the most convenient way by calling or coming into the office.
  3. Prepare documents for registration lease and discuss the areas of operation of the machine.
  4. After signing the papers pick up the car and enjoy each trip through the picturesque capital.
  5. At the end of the lease term return the car, according to the conditions specified in the contract.

Our fleet allows you to select a comfortable and attractive car of the middle class, meeting all the requirements of drivers who want to enjoy a pleasant ride and easy driving.

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