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Car rent in Odessa-the perfect solution for lovers of comfort

In a big city it is difficult to do without a car, which significantly saves personal time and allows you to move comfortably in any direction. Especially when you have to travel several times a day from district to district, go to many places along the way and solve urgent household/working issues. 
In some situations, you can safely do with public transport or order a taxi for 1-2 trips, but in other situations it will not work at all. For example, it is unacceptable for businessmen to move on minibuses or trams. And tourists do not want to waste a minute for the transfer in transport, carry heavy suitcases and at the same time to study Google Maps to build a route. 
In this case car rent Odessa from our company will help to solve the problem. So you get at your disposal a comfortable car without a driver at a reasonable price.

In what situations do you need a rented car?

  • Shopping and recreation
Odessa is a huge resort city. It cannot be bypassed on foot in one day and it is difficult to explore all the streets thoroughly, even the locals are sometimes lost. In this case, the car rental in Odessa for a day or more becomes the only solution. This allows you to significantly save money on taxis, not to be nervous because of crowded minibuses, avoid fatigue or unnecessary spending on the maintenance of a personal car. 
Odessa residents and visitors are happy to arrange a car rental to easily move between the shopping center, shops, cafes or hotels. First, so you can independently control your free time. Secondly, for $ 25-30, it is easy to pick up an economical and neat car with a deposit that consumes gasoline economically and allows you not to overpay. 
Thirdly, the status in the eyes of others is always higher if you come on a stylish car, and do not get to the place of rest on foot or by bus. It is always uplifting and allows you to feel more confident during shopping.
  • Solving business problems
Not all companies can provide employees with a working vehicle to move around the city or negotiate. And it is very inconvenient, especially if you need to solve 10 issues at a time, to make a good impression on the client and not get reprimanded by the boss. In such a situation, long-term car rental in our company will allow you to keep your job, always stay in good standing with the management and not waste personal time. This is especially convenient for Odessa, where there are many business points and the distance between them reaches tens of kilometers.
Also, car rental with a driver can be used by serious businessmen who came the city just for a couple of days. Such people do not like to spend extra time and even while traveling by car they prefer to work and they cannot do without a personal driver. It will help to avoid emergencies, you will not be distracted from business documentation or correspondence even for a minute, and it will support your respectable image for others. The driver service in our company is provided as an additional service and is ordered separately.
  • Getting to know the city and its surroundings
Also, car rental will be appropriate when a person first visits the city, wants to see the sights better or comfortably get to the hotel. You can rent a car from us in Odessa to carry out the planned business and visit the planned places. 
The advantage of our company is that you can pick up the vehicle not only in the office. A car booked in advance can be brought to the railway station or to the port, so that the guest does not wander through the streets or overpay for the services of taxi drivers. And since most of the cars offered by us have a modern navigator, the client will easily find Odessa international airport, Potemkin stairs, Primorskyi Boulevard, embankment, etc.
  • Solemn events
If you do not have the need or opportunity to buy your own car, we can rent a car of middle or business class for a day. This will make memories and photos more festive and will help to surprise guests. Also, for special events, you can rent a transport with a personal driver, which will help you to 100% enjoy the holiday and not worry about anything.
Luxury car rental is ideal for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and even graduations. Spectacular models look perfect in the photo, allow you to plunge into the fabulous atmosphere of the event and quietly move around the city at night. Evening Odessa that should be seen by everyone!

What kind of car rental does our company offer?

In our company there is no rental vehicles without deposit. But customers can take cars of different classes for a period of 24 hours and change them daily, depending on personal preferences. This is very convenient for those who want to run as many vehicles as possible or those who are studying certain models for purchase.
Car rent in Odessa allows you to test the possibilities of the following cars:
  • economy class (Nissan, Hyundai, Kia, Ford, Volkswagen, Skoda);
  • middle class (Renault, Skoda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Ford, Mitsubishi, Hyundai);
  • business class (Hyundai, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, Lexus);
  • SUVs (Nissan, Honda, Kia, Mitsubishi, Toyota);
  • minivans (Volkswagen, Hyundai, Mercedes).

Car rental in Odessa: advantages of working with us

In our company car rent will bring you absolutely no inconvenience or problems. Technical service always carefully checks serviceability of the main units, devices and integrity of salon with a body. Our client gets 100% serviceable vehicle. This will allow you to move around the city without problems, not to worry about possible breakdowns or your own safety
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