By Cash in the Office

Payment on the Card or Account of PrivatBank

By Debit or Credit Card

Non-Cash Payment

Rentuacar gives freedom of movement and ease of use, which is particularly valuable in a megalopolis as Kiev. We offer not only a wide range of different classes of vehicles, but also convenient forms of payment. Resorting to our services, you will be able to pay for rent a car in Kiev like using cash (in Rentuacar office), as well as non-cash payment. The last one method is especially useful for visitors from other regions, foreign citizens and guests of the capital.
You can also pay by credit card or transfer money from your account.
The advantages of non-cash payment:

  • time savings;
  • it can be done anywhere at any time (night and day, from home or office);
  • if for the car rental in Kiev pays somebody else (for example, company secretary, assistant manager, etc.), this method is the only convenient.

We work with 100% prepayment for the entire rental period. In the case of early return, the amount is recalculated based on the exploitation term, according to current tariffs. Take your pick as you prefer to pay for rent a car in Kiev:

  • by cash in the office;
  • PrivatBank card;
  • card of any bank;
  • by bank transfer.

Come and look at the "Iron horses", select the model and feel free to go on your journey - it does not let you down!

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