Rent A Car in Kiev

Rent a car: types and benefit of services

Our company has a large car park, among which there are also very respectable model. Cars are suitable for customers with varying thickness of the purse, and to perform any tasks. Business class orders at special meetings and events activities. Rental minivans and minibuses is good for large-scale travel and economy is for normal travel.

Which cars are available for rent?

We offer brainchild of largest companies in the world, their products are used by many countries in various spheres of activity from the cargo logistics missions to escort presidential motorcades. To join the category of motorists in Kiev is easy and it does not need to lower the millions on a new car. You can take any car for hire with driver or ride it on your own provided your driving experience time. What type of car to rent? 

  1. Luxury sedan or business class. Rent of this category is quite popular, as the city is filled with businessmen and business personalities. Drive this car shows good taste, respectability and solvency of the host. To create an image of the influential person you can hire a driver.
  2. SUVs. All wheel drive transport good on any track. In Kiev, the mass of the suburbs, where there is a bad road, but beautiful nature. There you can go ordered our jeep.
  3. Bus. His rent is needed to travel to a large number of persons (15), it can be a corporate or wedding. All models have an increased level of comfort, a great emphasis is placed on passenger safety. Grab bars, seat belts, special brake system, air conditioning, and thermostats - all this guarantees a successful trip.
  4. Minivan. Car rental for 6-7 people will save on private cabs. The machine is suitable for tourist groups, friends or colleagues. It is possible to go to the cottage, in the woods, on the bays. Powerful suspension can sustain severe loads, a normal trunk enough to accommodate the necessary things.

Rent a car with driver: what are the pros?

Rent a car with a driver in Kiev can simplify many activities. Our staff will meet a large group of people at the station, transport wedding guests, provide trips to nature, the countryside and so on. Take a car with driver may be for a period of several hours (3-5) until time specified in the agreement. There are a variety of modifications available in different colors and packaging for rent, our driving staff can be hired at any time for any period. For all customers a Discount reform and loyalty program.

Do not spend the extra money - take a car. Even if you need transportation for a month or two, you still is not profitable to buy it, take a personal car at the other end of the country - our own peril. Find out about the conditions of the lease from our operators, we rarely refuse customers, so sure that'll work with you.

Rent a car without a driver

To use the service you will need to confirm your ability to drive a car. All models of our fleet are insured, but we can not allow their destruction, which is why we prefer an experienced driver. For beginners, there are also variations:

  • many models of business and the midsize class are equipped with simplified control system, all transmissions are automatic, so the "mechanics" perfectly cope with them;
  • in each machine there is a stabilization of motion system, convenient mirror for parking and other options that make driving very easy;
  • security is high: belts, bags, handles for passengers - all designed to ensure the life and health of the client in critical situations. 

The main plus of the rent without a driver is that you do not need to pay extra, and there is no need to coordinate with them the schedule of breaks and movement.

The long-term car rental: the customer benefits

When you ordering a car for a week, you get the opportunity to realize all your plans for work or leisure, which recently accumulated due to the absence of the car. 168 hours - this is sufficient time for all the tasks. Roughly that period allocated for business trips, it is enough for large-scale festivities at a wedding or birthday party. Rent for a month offers advantages not only in time - the longer the rental car is you, the less it costs per hour rent - you save every minute ride.

Cheap Rent a Car: cheese in the trap or a reality?

Economy class cars turn myths into reality. Kia Rio and other models of similar characteristics will be provided to you at the most economical cost. Rental period starts from a few hours, and if you decide to take the car for the long-term use, the price will surprise you even more.

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