Big cities are different from small beautiful architecture, the availability of natural and historical monuments. Kiev can boast parks, bays and other beauties of the landscape. Treat all this on foot - it is unreal, take the tourist tour - you will depend entirely on the guide and really did not look, to hire a taxi - for 5-6 hours, you will pay a lot of money, and this time will depend on the driver.

Our company offers a rental car with a driver at the most loyal price. Among the most popular rental cars models are economy and midsize class. Also in our ranks there are SUVs cars, sedans, station wagons and other modifications for all occasions. For the most important actions you can rent a luxury car or a premium car.

Rent a Car with Driver: Your Benefits 

  1. If you are a busy businessman, you no longer have to spend time driving and stuck in traffic jams. Now you can work in there! While our staff will take you to a meeting or in a private office, you can check mailboxes and give instructions to subordinates.
  2. If you need a rental car for your holiday, then on a picnic you can drink safely. We have minivans, which are able to accommodate up to 8 people and allow you to save on the number of machines. The driver will not disturb you or rush you entertained.
  3. Events such as weddings, corporate birthday party, a birthday or a meeting of graduates always require a spectacular appearance. Rent a car with a driver gives the opportunity to appear in front of friends in a new image of a successful person. Vehicles will expect complete triumph and take you back. 

Our masters of driving different from ordinary. We care about the reputation of the organization, so that all experts are special trainings on etiquette. The friendly staff will not settle on you with talk "for life", as well as to listen to "Lesopoval" or smoking in the car. 

The Price of the Rental Cars with Driver

Rental cars are very popular, because of this, we often offer promotions and discounts to customers. Though the work of the driver must be paid separately and peyments over the counter and confirmed by relevant documents. Order the desired brand and model can be over the phone or via the website. Car rental with driver - best analogue taxis and even your own transport. Services are not only the well-off citizens, accepting to think, but also ordinary people who need auto tracking through the city.