Rent a car without a driver: how to choose a car?

Car rental is common in all cities, but most attention is paid to him in the capitals and large cities. The trend is not surprising - these regions are full of beauty, both natural and architectural, here focused the country's leading business centers. Our company offers to rent a car in Kiev. Models of our machines have proven themselves in all countries and are in the top of the world's largest brands. Rental useful for tourists, visitors, businessmen and even local residents who want to go to the country. Take cars for rent - is to remain on the move under any circumstances.

  1. Transport rental gives you the opportunity to test their strength on the road. so customers often run in and test the model before buying.
  2. Arenda cars will make you independent of schedules of buses and trains - you will not be late to your destination, as in most models have a navigator or a holder for it.
  3. Change a car you can at least every day - is the perfect solution for men who have been driving and was tired of the monotony of driving their personal vehicles.
  4. If your purchased car breaks down, you need to restore a lot of time. Some parts have to take from the plant, and, as a man accustomed to ride one, it is uncomfortable feeling in the subway. Take a car to rent and you stay in your comfort zone.

What are conditions for rental car in Kiev?

We appreciate your park and can not risk machines, so as to customers must meet certain requirements: your driving license must be valid, and the driving experience of 2 years. We do not pay much attention to age, but the tenant must be an adult. Without documents we can not offer you a service of rent, but only requires a passport and the right. From our side we guarantee the supply of serviceable vehicle package with all securities, including technical certificate and insurance. If you do not have rights, we suggest to hire a car with driver.

Cheap Rent a Car: Economy Class

We provide different types of machines, but the savings in price, of course, is important, which is why more and more customers are turning to economy class cars. Despite their category, at the wheel of each model you will feel the comfort and immense rejoicing, because you have all the freedom of action as if you bought a new car. Your attention are offered: Kia Rio, Volkswagen Polo Sedan, Skoda Rapid, Ford Fiesta.

Rent a Car in Kiev For All Purposes

The most popular in the middle class can be called the Ford Focus, Renault Fluence, Toyota Corolla and a Volkswagen Golf. They are compact and have everything you need for a comfortable long trip around the city. Rent the entire range of this type is cost at different prices.

Rent a Luxury Car in Kiev

Car rental of business class allows secret business talks directly during the journey. Hire vehicles possible not only at once: compilation of multiple time application help you ensure timely delivery of personnel to the location, as well as to emphasize the status of the organization in the eyes of competitors or partners. The car without the driver is much better and much cheaper than buying a personal vehicle. The category includes: Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata, Lexus ES, Mercedes E-class.

Rent SUV in Kiev

The category includes: Honda CR-V, Nissan X-Trail, Mitsubishi Outlander, Toyota RAV4, Kia Sportage. This massive and beautiful cars, the man sitting behind their wheel, clearly will feel great. This kind of car is suitable for traveling off road, in the country, thanks to heavy-duty vehicles are often operated to transport medium sized items, but do not confuse them with the gazelle.

Rent a Minivan in Kiev

Volkswagen Multivan, Mercedes Vito, Mercedes V-class, Hyundai H1 designed for group visits by up to 7-8 people, they are not suitable for the transport of goods. Price ranges: the final cost depends on the modification, body type, comfort and so on, also you can add additional services, for example, take the driver.