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Car rental in Zaporizhia from RentUAcar: affordable prices and large fleet

Zaporizhia is a large industrial city with an area of 331 km (excluding the suburbs) with a developed industrial, restaurant and tourist sector. Almost 800 thousand people live here providing a huge flow of cars and public transport on the roads. Due to this, for many people it is problematic to move around the city without personal car.
The car rental in Zaporizhia will help to solve the problem with fast and comfortable trips. Such a service will allow you not to lose mobility even away from home, on vacation or while your personal transport is in the repair workshop.

When you cannot do without cheap car rental without driver:

  • Travel - tourists, historians, archaeologists and other tourists often come to Zaporizhia. This area is known as one of the largest retreats of the Cossacks, who settled on Khortytsia and set up their Sich there. The legacy of Zaporozhian Cossacks has survived to the present day in architectural monuments and other valuable things that are of great interest to tourists. The only disadvantage is that this place is far from the city center and it is better to get there by your own car;
  • Shopping - there are a lot of shopping centers, brand clothing stores, appliances, perfumes, etc. At the same time, prices for goods are often lower than in other large cities. For example, in Lviv, Kyiv or Odessa. That is why residents and visitors of Zaporizhia are happy to go shopping, trying to visit the maximum number of boutiques or shopping centers. In turn, car rental with a deposit will allow you to save money for taxi and not to adjust to the schedule of public transport;
  • Important business meeting - it does not belong to people with high status, businessmen or officials to move by minibuses and broken taxis. For them, the car is not only a means of transportation, but also an indicator of strength, taste and wealth. The rental of business class car or SUV allows this category of clients not to feel discomfort, to make a good impression on partners and very important people;
  • Celebration - in the most important moments of life you want to create only bright and warm memories. That is why renting a stylish car with driver will help you make any holiday unforgettable. At the same time, you and your guests will not have to divert your attention to the road, you can drink alcohol and have fun at 100%! The rental car will also be a great decor for wedding photo shoot or other equally important event;
  • Buying a new car - this service will help the driver survive the difficult period when the old car is already sold and the new one has not been purchased yet. It is morally difficult for drivers to change from personal car to minibuses, because they are used to another level of comfort. The rental is relevant for those who cannot decide on the car brand or model. You can rent different car options from the fleet to assess their behavior on the road, controllability and other parameters;
  • Business trip or work - renting a car to meet with suppliers, solve important work tasks and fulfill assignments of the management also solves a number of problems. The service allows drivers to cope with several tasks during the working day, build a convenient route without a map (only using a navigator) and not spend extra money on public transport. In addition, the person does not spend precious time and nerves on crowded vehicles. The other advantage is that you can pick up a rental car directly from the railway station or Zaporizhia International Airport. The main thing is to discuss such an opportunity with the manager in advance.

Where is it better to rent a car in Zaporizhia?

RentUAcar offers the clients a rental car at an affordable price and at the most favorable conditions in the region. The company has been working in the market for a long time and has offices in several large cities of Ukraine. As a result we studied the needs of clients with different budgets, requirements for the car appearance and efficiency well.
Our site offers renting of cars of following categories:
  • economy fuel-efficient cars;
  • middle class;
  • business class;
  • SUVs;
  • minivans.
Both long-term car rental (up to several months) and car rental per day are available to clients. Please note that RentUAcar in Zaporizhia does not provide the rental for several hours. Even if you need a car only for 4-5 hours, you need to draw up a standard contract per day and return the car at the specified time.
The benefit of our company is that cars with only up-to-date body and in excellent condition are available for rent. The clients can choose from Nissan, Ford, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Hyundai, Toyota, Lexus, etc. They are not broken, clean and washed, regularly undergo the maintenance and are checked by our employees. You do not need to worry about your own safety or to be shy of scratched and bent body.
Many interiors are equipped with navigator that is useful to nonresident guests of the city or foreigners. If necessary, for additional payment we can install other gadgets, routers, or even camping equipment. Zaporizhia stands on the Dnieper, where many people come kayaking or riding a bicycle.
To clarify the details, please contact the managers by phone or in the instant messengers. Please note that we do not rent a car without a deposit.
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