Rent a car economy class in Kiev

Rental car: cheap, fast and reliable

More often economy class rent interested users because of its low cost, to choose the right car you need to follow our advices.
  1. To determine the type of trip and think about which model is most impressed by your desires and fit as possible.
  2. Select the technical criteria. All modifications of economy class in our salon are automatic with 5 or 6 stairs, dashboards equipped with navigators, all the electrics work perfectly. Cars are passed continuous technical service, so rent will be safe.
  3. Choose an external data. In Kiev, a lot of cars, but yours (even for a few hours) have  to be the best. White and black, sedans and wagons, cars with different kinds of rims or styling - choose to rent something like that.
To book a car or hire a driver you need to apply through the online form, but the call is more quickly if you are in Ukraine. All models are always ready, they can be ordered with a pre-reservation or before the planned trip.
Rent a car cheap in Kiev - a snap, provided if you use our portal. We offer rent a car with a driver or without it. For customers presented the minimum requirements and to the quality of our  services we take very scrupulously.

Cheap Car Rental

So it happened that rents the service is considered to be very expensive, so many people prefer it a taxi, or even a trip to unfamiliar people. With our company car hire is cheap - it is as simple as buy bread in the store. We work with all categories of citizens, the main thing that you were allowed to drive by law and had the right to a proper class. Among economy model number range lies between four marks, which are described and listed below.

Rent Kia Rio

Low-tonnage machine is perfect for casual walks and trips. It features easy to manage, as well as low fuel consumption. Small dimensions allow to pass on any track. Rent Kia Rio is the best option in any season and in any weather, the car has everything you need for comfort: climate system, navigation, lift-up seat and so on.

Rent Volkswagen Polo

This machine is suitable even for business meetings. It has a presentable appearance and excellent technical characteristics. Rent Volkswagen Polo is possible in several variations in several colors and with different inner stacking and electronics. The car is good for the transportation of small cargoes in the trunk, slightly elongated body makes it possible to transport the animals and other items on the seats or on the floor.

Rent Skoda Rapid

This model can accommodate up to 5 people with a driver, it is designed to ride on city streets and is not suitable for woodland. The machine is capable of high speeds, is well suited to hone the driving skills. Multiple sensors make it one of the easiest to manage. Rent Skoda Rapid is good for any type of event.

Rent Ford Fiesta

The model comes in two versions: a sedan and a hatchback. It may have both the 3 and 5 doors. The desired characteristics you should specify when ordering the machine. The front-drive cars can be used for almost all purposes, compact class "B" starts up with half a turn and has no problems with the chassis or electrical part. Rent Ford Fiesta is only possible in the city. Make an order at any time.

Your benefits from the rent of a car

  1. Our organization has a large fleet of cars, so that you can choose whichever color among them.
  2. All cars lineup have several types of engine performance with capacity from 1.5 to 3.5 liters, so you can control fuel consumption and save money on fuel.
  3. Engines power up to 250 horsepower, so a car can be present a lot emotions during the ride.
Cheap rental cars produced with the use of documentation that guarantees the integrity from our and your side. When renting with a driver, you will be able to do your work on time, because our drivers know how to avoid traffic jams and quickly deliver you to required location.
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