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Car rental in Lviv on favorable terms and conditions at RentUAcar

Renting a car in Lviv has long ceased to be a luxury or prerogative of exclusively wealthy people. Now such service is used by hundreds of clients of RentUAcar from different countries and cities of Ukraine. Lviv is an amazing mixture of original culture, rich history, developed industry and business sector. That is why thousands of people from far and near abroad, tourists, travellers, specialists and others come here every day.

The personal transport allows the city guests not to experience problems with movement, but also to save time, nerves and budget. Renting a car at our company often costs 2-3 times cheaper than a taxi or frequent trips by public transport with friends and colleagues. This happens for the following reasons.

  1. Private or taxi drivers include in the rate not only the actual distance you have moved from point A to point B. They also consider the price for passenger boarding, car standby, etc. If the client decides to go out of city, the driver will calculate the trip at completely different and more expensive rate. So for 4-5 hours you will pay a tidy sum of at least $25-35 even without deposit.
  2. Travellers or business travellers often have to move from one end of Lviv to another, switching 2-3 times. If you travel in a group of 4-5 people, visit many sights or productions, a decent amount will accumulate per day. At the same time you will need to focus on the schedule, push in crowded buses and precisely build the route. The rental car does not cause so much trouble, and in case of long-term rental the car will cost only at $25 per day.

Features and advantages of car rental in Lviv

Car rental can give you a lot of pleasure, to get to know the big city better, work and not give up the usual level of comfort. Our fleet includes only new and 100% serviceable cars in perfect condition. Our specialists thoroughly check each car before giving it to the client and monitor its technical condition.

This provides you not only with necessary level of comfort, but also with high safety on the road. You don't need to worry that the car will suddenly stall while driving or cause inconvenience when driving on any service. Our company rents car only with season-appropriate tires. The car smoothly drives along the road, timely responds to the steering wheel, and the braking distance does not increase due to the “bald” tread.

Advantages of car rental in Lviv:

  • Freedom of movement - you don't need to follow the bus schedule, wait for 10-20 minutes for taxi or hitchhike. The car rental in Lviv gives you a 24-hour access to the car without any restrictions;
  • Status indicator - whatever one may say, but it is more respectable to drive a car, even if it is rented. Even an economy class car is perceived as indicator of welfare and causes involuntary respect, not to mention executive cars or SUVs;
  • Solution of temporary inconvenience - rental car with deposit will be the ideal option for those who arrived in Lviv for a long time, wants to organize a memorable celebration or moves a lot on business matters. The rent will also suit people whose personal transport is on long-term repair;
  • No restrictions - the client is not limited by anything when choosing a car. On our website or office you can arrange a long-term rental, choose a model based on your needs (fuel consumption, budget, class), use the services of driver and other.

Options and additional services

Our company has been operating in the market for a long time and is one of the largest in Ukraine. We have offices in many cities of the country, large fleet in Lviv, as well as the most loyal terms and conditions for those who rent a car. Different services from rental per day to washing a car or tow truck are available for clients of the company.

The managers meet the needs, advice on related issues without breaks and weekends through messengers or by phone. If necessary, you can rent a car with driver, we can also arrange a rental for an unlimited period or a multi-application for several models. Such an option is designed for drivers who want to ride a new car every day or choose a new car option.

The car rental at RentUAcar involves a number of additional services. For example, for an additional payment you can equip the interior with gadgets, sports or tourist equipment, or pick up/return the car out of the office. This is especially convenient for foreigners and drivers from another city who arrive at the railway station or Lviv International Airport. You don't have to waste time on paperwork, but you can go directly to the business meeting.

If you want to rent a car without driver at low cost, please contact our managers by contact number. The manager will tell about the rental terms, deposit amount for each car class and necessary documents for drawing up the contract.