Rent of minivans in Kiev

Rent a minivan: the benefits and price

Long term rental minivan - one of the proven ways to provide transport support travel, which is characterized by flexibility and reliability. Minivan rental is good for any kind of event or private trips, because the appearance of the machine is very presentable, at the same time the bus can accommodate up to 8 people with a driver that will save on fuel and rent one car instead of two cars. The entire range of our vans can be divided into passenger and utility categories. The first is well-suited for tourists in Kiev or small corporate travel, cars can be rented from the second large family for leaving the country, the nature and for other purposes.
Minibus hire allows you to select one of the four models, but the most popular is the Mercedes V-class, which is a new category minivan. It was developed in 2015 and has a lot of advantages such as in front of representatives of the Japanese and the domestic auto industry but the earlier creation. Rent a van without a driver in Kiev is available on our company portal. Bus in a compact configuration can accommodate 5-6 passengers, long and super-long version of the Mercedes V-class capable of carrying approximately 9 people. Preference rent with driver reduces the number of passengers, but it allows you not to be distracted by driving and enjoy the ride.

Rental minivans: the trump cards of our models

  1. Powerful  wheelbase allows you to move smoothly through the city streets and regional roads without asphalt pavement.
  2. Comfortable driving will not cause problems even for those who all his life has led Japanese right-hand drive cars. Automatic, power turbine drive help you navigate the road.
  3. Klimat inside the cabin is always beautiful. To ensure this, are air conditioners and heaters. During the summer, the glass is not going to condensation, in the winter there is no frost, you can get around Kiev without leaving the car.
  4. Take rental minivan worth because each seat has its own seat belt, on the front row three-point fixing and on two rear there are only two things in common, but that is enough.
  5. Rental minivans of utility modifications is also very convenient - two doors (rear and side) allow you to quickly upload the necessary baggage.

Rent a minivan without a driver

The service makes it possible to operate the machine at its discretion. We protect our cars, they are constantly tested and maintenance. All options in the minibuses operate, seat and floor are clean, which is why you will be comfortable lead vehicles and passengers are satisfied with the trip.

Rent a minivan with driver

If you need - we can also hire a chauffeur. Qualified employees are very different from the taxi drivers, they are trained, which is reflected not only on the machine control style, but also the manner of communication and etiquette.

What is good in rent a van?

  1. Sliding hatch promotes good review and natural ventilation.
  2. Smart control helps make parallel parking, the navigator leads to the goal with the shortest routes. In addition, you can rent a car with a special rearview camera for easy viewing of parking zones.
  3. Rear door opens wide, which guarantees easy loading of luggage.
  4. To rent a van or small bus does not necessarily have a great driving experience or the right to a special class. In our state there are excellent workers, that will allow you to rest all while traveling.
Rent a van for a day or more allows you to take advantage of the loyalty program, the more you will come to us, the more discounts and bonuses we offer. During long-term orders, you save much more money than if applied in a taxi, and much more time in the case, if you prefer public transportation.
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